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Queen Gorgo [userpic]

WM 25.4 - Burying

February 25th, 2008 (01:20 am)

current mood: crushed

It's a time of loss, of seeking solace in the comfort of family and friends, or is it? Write a ficlet where your muse must bury a close family member or friend.

The breeze was cool against her skin as she lay in the wheat fields. Her eyes were closed as she let herself become fully enveloped in the beauty of that day. And then a brush of a hand against her cheek stirred her from the purgatory between sleep and the land of the living. Her hand reached for his instinctively. Her eyes fluttered open, her lips curling into a loving smile at the sight of the visage of her husband. Her King.

All but a memory. The breeze still kissed her skin with a cool tongue, though it seemed colder now. The fields no longer cradled her as a babe, but rather whipped against her skin with no remorse. The once vivid gold the fields possessed seemed to be shadowed with something Gorgo couldn't quite grasp. It was then that she saw him.

For a moment, her eyes deceived her and she believed it to be her King. The red cape, the spear, the bronze shield. It was only a few brief seconds later that she realized who it truly was: Dilios, returning from battle, unaccompanied. Her eyes found his as he neared her, searching for even the faintest glimmer of hope. There was none. And tried as she did, she could not conceal the overwhelming feeling of her heart breaking inside of her chest. It nearly stole the breath from her lungs as she glanced down to his hand, extending towards her.

As he dropped the necklace she had given Leonidas as he left for Thermopylae into her hand, the tears could not be stopped from filling her eyes. She knew that he wanted so much to share words of kindness and sympathy with her, but knew that there was no room for such weak gestures. He had been sent back to Sparta for one purpose, and there was no time to spare.

She brought her hand to her heart, her mind racing with all that had happened. With all that would happen. Small yet strong arms wrapped themselves around her waist, catching her by surprise. As she glanced down, she saw it was Pleistarchus, her son. No, their son.

He would no longer receive lessons from his father. No more teachings about respect, and honor. He would have to find his own way, discover his own wisdom. Gorgo could guide him, certainly, as any mother would, but even her means as a teacher would soon be removed as the time of the agoge drew near.

Gorgo knelt down in front of her child, unraveling the necklace she and her husband had once worn. Slipping it over his head and around his neck, she suddenly felt a renewed sense of hope. Bringing her son in for a rare embrace, she could feel the touch of Leonidas' hand against her back, letting her know that he had faith in her. That he loved her. That he would always love her.

She had to bury the memories of the life she once led alongside her King, bury the memories of the man she once called her husband. But she knew that it would allow for the creation of more, many more, that awaited her in the future.

Character l Queen Gorgo
Fandom l RPF/Historical/Movies (300)
Word Count l 536

Queen Gorgo [userpic]

WM 24.2 - General Ts'ao Ts'ao Quote

February 23rd, 2008 (11:41 pm)

current mood: relaxed

"I would rather betray the whole world than let the world betray me."
-- General Ts'ao Ts'ao (c. A.D. 155-220)

Her body stood stagnant where her husband's had been only nights before, cloaked and bathed in the light of the moon. Her eyes closed as she remembered the night that his fate had been decided.

He stood at the open window, a faint breeze whispering around their separate bodies. She had stirred from her slumber, only slightly, at the lack of warmth beside her, her neck craning to catch sight of her husband's naked body, glorious in its collage of muscle, flesh, and battle scars. She laid quietly, pretending to still be married to her dreams, if only to catch sight of him in such an intimate moment. Despite his attempts to seem unmoved and as stone, she could picture the worry etched across his brow, even from behind. She could imagine his eyes, glittering with the choices streaming through his mind, as he surveyed his home.

Her body rustled underneath the fabric of their sheets and caught his attention. The next thing she felt was his hand skimming the length of her bare back. The sleep she had somehow found again was quickly chased away at the warmth of his touch. It was then, as she turned her head to look at him more fully, that she truly caught sight of the consternation he had been trying so desperately to conceal.

Gorgo knew that the words of the Oracle were gnawing away at the heart of Leonidas. The actions that he needed to take were the very ones he had been forbidden to spark. Once she had uttered the words, "It is not a question of what a Spartan citizen should do, nor a husband, nor a king. Instead ask yourself, my dearest love, what should a free man do?" that she knew his fate. She could see the decision being chosen behind the veil of his eyes.

Together, they betrayed the very laws that they had sworn to protect. The persuasion of her words and the will of his heart had decided Leonidas' destiny in the breath of a sigh. They would betray the world, betray the "wisdom" of the Ephors, lest the world and its self-proclaimed King came and destroyed it all.

Character l Queen Gorgo
Fandom l RPF/Historical/Movies (300)
Word Count l 366

Queen Gorgo [userpic]

Nominations at the_bigtammys

February 23rd, 2008 (11:33 pm)

current mood: loved

My humility had been tested earlier this year, but I find that it is being tempted again!

I must thank you, from the absolute bottom of my heart, for having nominated me for Outstanding Writing of a Female RPF/Historical Muse (Section Two) and Outstanding Writing of a Female Heroic Character (Section One). I am truly blessed to be in the company of such magnificent people as yourselves.

Also, on behalf of my head mate, im_gavin_elliot, I also thank you for nominating him for Outstanding Writing of a Male Original Character with Fandom Association (Section Two). He is beyond humbled from such a kind gesture.

Lastly, I must also thank you for having nominated a past head mate of mine, mmeladauphine for Outstanding Writing of a Female RPF/Historical Muse (section Two). It has been quite a bit of time since we (being the mun and myself) have thought of her, but to know that she is remembered, even now, is extremely flattering.

We thank you, as always, for everything.

PS. - Congratulations to all those nominated, especially those I am fortunate enough to call my friends.

Queen Gorgo [userpic]

From a_deaths_head

February 12th, 2008 (10:28 pm)

current mood: sick

Reply to this post with anything you'd like and I'll tell you why I friended you and two things I love about how you play your muse. The only catch? You have to repost this as well.

Queen Gorgo [userpic]

WM 20.2 - MLK, Jr. Quote

January 22nd, 2008 (03:53 pm)

current mood: pensive

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.
-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A beautiful death: something so coveted, so rare that most believed it to be impossible. What enemy would fight with honor and valor? What enemy would not exalt at the chance to kill with deception or trickery? Even Xerxes himself, a "God King," enlisted the aid of a tactic that no honorable King or God would utilize -- attacking from behind. A beautiful death was, indeed, exceptional.

However, if a Spartan could not rely upon an enemy to provide a beautiful death (if that was the only option), it did not mean that their dying could not be beautiful.

Underneath a shadow of arrows that sliced through the silent, death-filled air by the shore, Gorgo knew her King had obtained this end. But what a cowardly manner in which to kill a man who slaughtered your slaves and minions! They did not get close for fear of losing their own lives; they had to kill from crevices and divots on the sides of mountains.

Gorgo could picture this moment, her eyes closed as Dilios retold the story for her. The scattered corpses of bodies who were once valiant men, fighting alongside their King in an effort to suppress the unjust and the cruel. Men who screamed their throats hoarse with battle cries. Men who wielded swords that cut through the flesh and bone of their enemies. Men who left wives, children, and families behind to attend to the call of duty.

But now, they were nothing but empty shells where men used to be. Muscle and sinew count for naught when they do not move.

Amidst the mosaic of soldiers was her King, his flesh punctured with the tips of arrows, standing until his body would no longer allow it. She could hear his voice as he spoke to her, trying to reach her on the breeze that kissed his skin from the waves below. Trying to tell her what Spartan law would not allow him to say before she saw him last.

"My Queen, My Wife, My Love --"

A man who has no cause cannot call himself as such, for it is in sacrificing one's life that he truly lives.

Character l Queen Gorgo
Fandom l RPF/Movies (300)
Word Count l 362

Queen Gorgo [userpic]

Another OOC Note

January 21st, 2008 (12:37 am)

current mood: happy

Just as a quick note, for those who may have pups who are queens, kings, or other sorts of rulers, Faelyn-mun recently created a community that I'm helping to co-mod. It's called sovereign_muses and we'd love to have you! :D

ALSO! Thank you to everyone who voted for Gorgo to seal the win for Best Abs (Female)! She and I are both humbled and grateful! :D

Queen Gorgo [userpic]

OOC Tammy Pimpage

January 11th, 2008 (06:55 pm)

I've pimped with my other muse who is up for awards, so here it goes for Gorgo, as well.

She's only nominated in two categories, which is two more than either of us expected. The categories are:

- Delectable Abs (female)
- Hottest Historical Hottie (female)

Obviously, no one is under any sort of obligation to vote for her! She does not see herself as something termed a "hottie," as she tells me, but is flattered all the same.

Voting can be completed here

Also, despite Gorgo's pleads that I shut my mouth, she is currently without a date for the ceremony. Anyone who would be interested, please comment. She's gone and stomped off now. Don't worry - she'll be in better spirits when the awards come around.


Queen Gorgo [userpic]

A Mun's Note

January 10th, 2008 (07:20 pm)

current mood: grateful

I know that Gorgo has been anything but active lately, but in lieu of her being nominated for a few different Tammys, I just wanted to extend a thank you to everyone she's RPed or interacted with and those who voted to get her nominated.

It means a lot to both she and I, and we're humbled by the experience.

After a bit of deliberation, I've also decided to make her a bit more active than she has been. I've decided to keep her in some smaller communities, such as tenwordstories and things of that nature. I may consider putting her in a once-a-month-prompt type of community, as well. We'll see how that goes.

Either way - thank you for your feedback. (: It means a lot!

Queen Gorgo [userpic]

TM 206 - Purpose

November 24th, 2007 (11:29 pm)

current mood: peaceful

What do you live for?

Gorgo knew that each breath was another breath closer to her last. She could feel the weight growing within her chest; she knew that the organ within, pumping her life force throughout her body, would slow down and eventually cease.

Amidst the silk and linens of the bed she and Leonidas once shared, she turned her head to peer out the window at the city she had loved so dearly. She had seen her city through all a Queen could - wars, rifts, bounties, abundances, seasons.

She felt the presence of another body within the room. Returning her gaze to the other side of her, her eyes were met with the visage of her son, Pleistarchus. Briefly, she was transported back to when she and Pleistarchus said farewell to Leonidas. He was so little, so young back then. Her eyes blinked to revive herself to the present, and the contrast of the small child with the man she saw before her almost stole her breath away.

"My son," Gorgo managed to whisper through a dry throat and tongue. Pleistarchus quickly walked over to where her frail body rested, falling to one knee. He took her hand in his, and Gorgo was taken aback at the strength of them. Her eyes traversed down to their hands, and she gently stroked his with her thumb, returning her gaze to her son's.

"Mother," Pleistarchus began to reply, but could find no words to carry on. She could see within his eyes the pain he was suffering at the thought of losing both parents, but it was only she who could see beyond his tough exterior. Gorgo shook her head to stop him from speaking.

A few moments of silence passed. Gorgo would close her eyes and would feel Pleistarchus squeeze her hand lightly to reassure himself of whether her life had left her for good. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Gorgo turned back to the child she had birthed and raised, a faint smile glimmering on her mouth.

"Your father would have been proud," she whispered, giving his hand a gentle and weak squeeze before closing her eyes once again.

As the black consumed her, Gorgo finally realized the purpose that had been given to her before she had even been born.


Character l Queen Gorgo
Fandom l RPF/Historical/Movies (300)
Word Count l 381

Queen Gorgo [userpic]

TM 202 - Game of Life

November 1st, 2007 (04:48 pm)

current mood: determined

If life's a game, who do you think is winning?

I believe that, since the beginning, free men and women of a democratic society have prevailed. Those ruled under the threat of whip and chain cannot gain anything from their existences. They are robbed of a chance to flourish, to bloom, and to grow. I pity those who cannot experience the sensation of breathing in the air of a better tomorrow. I pity those who cannot speak without the fear of death and persecution.

But, I am all the more thankful because of their misfortune.

I realize how truly fortunate I am to have been born in Sparta. Women are still oppressed and abused throughout the known world. They are still considered to be a sub-species to men. And while there are plenty of those arrogant beings who uphold this belief within my beloved city, the majority have come to their senses.

Slaves and other "property" cannot win. They are born into a desolate and impossible life, if one can even call it that. They have no chance of breaking free of their figurative and literal shackles; they will forever be welded around their flesh.

Perhaps, some day, all men and women of the world will be able to say that they are, in fact, winning the game of life. But this day will not be tomorrow, or the day after that. It will be a constant struggle and uphill battle that only they can fight. But those of us who have tasted the nectar of freedom will continue to guide them, hoping that all will, should they deserve it, have a chance at victory.

Character l Queen Gorgo
Fandom l RPF/Historical/Movies (300)
Word Count l 265

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